The Power of AI in Marketing: Transforming Your Business and Your Life

We’ve all heard about the boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially with the emergence of ChatGPT and its widespread use in various aspects of our daily or professional lives. Now, I’ll give you 5 ways you can leverage AI to improve your business or entrepreneurship, whether you have a team, are a solopreneur, or are just starting out.

1. Personalization:

One of the primary impacts of AI in marketing is personalization. What does that mean? Just like Netflix and Spotify (among other programs that incorporate or will incorporate AI) have adjusted their algorithms to individually segment each customer. Does it sound too complicated? Let me give you a super simple example that you can see on both platforms: content recommendations specifically tailored to us. Even though several people have similar tastes, we will never see two identical recommendation lists. Right now, we have various tools at our disposal (such as Canva, WordPress, HubSpot, and many others) for our business or entrepreneurship, regardless of its size, that are already integrating AI into their functions, making our tasks easier.

2. Automations:

The main benefit of AI is its ability to process an incredibly large amount of data in record time. This allows us to use tools that, for example, analyze in real-time who to show a particular advertisement to, at the right moment, and adapted to the device the person is using. Furthermore, we can also make the most of AI to save us from repetitive tasks, such as responding to customer messages. A very common example is chatbots that we can configure to respond to customer or lead messages, addressing everything from frequently asked questions to guiding a purchase or, in more advanced cases, even managing complaints. Of course, this translates into time, personnel, and ultimately, cost savings.

3. Predictions:

As mentioned earlier, AI’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data allows us to analyze and predict audience behaviors. This presents an excellent opportunity for any business or brand to leverage, and if we combine all the advantages of AI with a growth marketing plan, we could even forecast market trends. What does this translate into practically? Being prepared with the right marketing strategy, having a ready inventory stock, and providing quick solutions that are needed (such as knowing how to leverage AI for your business).

4. Optimizations:

You’ve probably heard this term before, and you might associate it with content creation (emails, newsletters, social media posts, etc.), which is correct, but it’s not limited to that. In addition to suggesting the best time to publish, the most popular/demanded content, or the style that resonates best with your audience, we can also use optimization to improve the experience of our leads or customers with our brand. This includes identifying weaknesses in the purchasing process, streamlining processes, creating recommendations, and much more. This can help you stand out from your competitors. Remember that a good growth marketer always thinks about the customer (and not all of them do, which is where you can differentiate yourself).

5. Analysis:

Like any process, when attempting anything, whether it’s a sales strategy, content, lead generation, etc., we always need to analyze the response to improve or capitalize on what worked for continued success. Obviously, as I mentioned before, it would also allow us to quickly control possible crises or issues by analyzing in real-time how a brand/product is perceived, for example.

However, it’s worth noting that while AI development is constantly evolving and incorporating more improvements, we always achieve better results when we combine it with human quality. In other words, us, as humans, must continually supervise the processes/tasks performed by AI, adding qualities such as ethics, transparency, and user privacy to create the perfect synergy between machine and human.

Image depicting the perfect blanced union of marketing with AI

What do you think about this? Does the practical application of artificial intelligence interest you? I look forward to reading your comments!


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