Hiring Policy

Hiring Policy: These conditions will apply jointly in cases where a person, whether a user or not, decides to hire any of the services offered on the website www.solnd.es. They may be complemented by a service contract, as applicable.

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, a customer shall be understood as any person, whether a user or not, who purchases or wishes to purchase a service offered by Solange Vanessa Nuñez da Silva.


Payments will always be made through the PayPal or Stripe platform, which will be the sole recipient of the customer’s credit card information. Solange Vanessa Nuñez da Silva or any member of the team will not have access to these details. Therefore, in the event of any issues, the customer must address their claim directly with the payment platform.

In cases explicitly indicated, the customer may also choose to pay via bank transfer. Solange Vanessa Nuñez da Silva will not be responsible for any errors in the transfer or any issues the customer may encounter with their bank.

The budget provided will specify the duration for which the prices will remain valid. After this period, there is the freedom to modify them.

If any promotion or discount exists, it will only apply to services that have not yet been contracted. If the customer has already contracted any services, the promotion or discount cannot be applied retroactively.


All taxes required by law to be included will be displayed in the budget, invoice, and, if applicable, in the prior step before payment on the website or its affiliated platforms used for service sales.

Delivery Time

Each case is different, and the availability of time slots may vary. However, the customer will always be informed of the estimated date on which they will be attended to and receive the desired service.

The contracted service will commence once the customer has provided the requested information. Therefore, any delay in providing the required elements for service provision will delay the final delivery within the indicated time frame.

After the service is completed, the amounts paid will be reviewed to ensure that there are no outstanding balances for the services provided or any additional hours worked. If there are any pending amounts to be paid, the customer will be notified to proceed with the payment, failing which they may be considered in default.

Service Cancellation

The customer may cancel the service at any time; however, refunds will not be provided. If payments have been made in installments, the money already paid will not be refunded either. To effectively cancel the service, the customer must send an email to hello@solnds.com.

Reservation of Hiring

At any time, there is the possibility of refusing to provide any of the offered services, whether due to time unavailability or for any reason, without the need to justify such refusal.

Responsibility for Contracted Services

At all times, actions will be carried out in good faith and in accordance with the client’s instructions. Therefore, if any material provided by the client infringes upon the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, the legal responsibility will lie with the party contracting the service and not with Solange Vanessa Nuñez da Silva.

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