Let me tell you a Story...

This story is about a young woman called Solange -although everybody calls her Sol-. She was born in Argentina, in a small town called Posadas. She always admired her mother, Cristina, who was always an entrepreneur, way before the term became wildly-known. Her mother opened an English academy called «Your Opportunity» in 2006, and Sol always helped her as it was a family business. When she became 18, she began teaching the small children, and was amazed by how easily they learnt.

In 2012, Sol begun to study architecture, but in the end, she realized that wasn’t what she wanted to do every single day of her life. Don’t get me wrong, she loved the design part, and the on-site construction part; however, let’s face it, she would spend most of her time being in an office. SO, long story short, she left architecture, and became an English teacher. During all this time, she worked part-time at first teaching in her mother’s academy; and in the end, she became a full-time teacher and studied at the same time.

At 2018, her world changed as she met the world of neuroscience applied to education, and her long-term curiosity, admiration and interest in biology and psychology finally clicked with what she was studying (to become an educator). So, in 2019, she became a Neuropsicoeducator -aka: an educator that understands how the student’s brain works, learns and functions and adapts her classes to made them brain-friendly-.

Meanwhile, Sol begun to get in touch with the world of Marketing, so she could implement it on her and her mother’s new Academy «More than Learning». So she bought courses on how to create a brand, how to brand it, how to create webpages, etc, etc -what can I tell you, she’s really curious and a little bit of a nerd-.

However, life’s humour and timing is impeccable, and the opportunity to move to Germany appeared in 2021, and a year later, she was in German territory. Of course, this meant a 180° change, which involved -among other things- to leave her profession behind. And as the saying goes, «when life gives you lemons…make tequila!» -and after several life crises-she decided to study Digital Marketing Online to become a Growth Marketer.

So, here I am, applying what I’m learning and what I already know, and sharing it. So I can help others, who maybe -as it happened to me- find themselves in need to begin a new life, or a new chapter. I want to help them with a practical, step-by-step guide, beginning from 0 with all that entails (nearly no budget and even less time available). Which I would have loved to have had when I entered this wild world of online marketing. I plan to share my experience creating my online English academy and this project, which is to build my personal brand.

If this journey interest you, I invite you to follow me. I will be sharing my knowledge of Growth Marketing, Neurosience applied to education, and of course, my personal journey.

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